Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Just the right words...

There are so many times that I am in search of just the right words. It doesn't matter what it is for, whether I am explaining something to someone at work, or I am writing an essay, or my blog, or even if I am just looking for an answer to reply or to receive. The right words can sometimes just flow so easily together, but then other times they feel a million miles away.

Just recently I was taking a break, and talking with friends. Then a friend and I were talking about how life is so busy, and how there is so much stress on midterms that were coming up in the next couple of days. Then out of the blue (at least that is how I felt it to be), my friend told me this....

 "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about
 itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

And instantly I recognised it, knowing that it was from the book of Matthew in the Bible.
 I love that verse, and to be honest I had not thought of it in a long time. My friend
had remembered me mentioning it from the previous year and how I liked it and how
 I felt about it, so she reminded me of it. I didn't know at the point in time, but that was
exactly what I needed to hear. Those words were ...
just the right words.
She had given me a gift out of the blue, and it was perfect timing, and it meant so much, even if she did or did not realize it at the moment.

Sometimes we search and search because we think we have to find the right words, or the answers, but really it may be so much closer than we think. We might be the one who contains the answers (or the right words) for someone else, and we might not even know it. But God does know it. He knows the answers,and the right words. We just have to think of him, and remember that he has the control and he loves us... so that we won't worry about finding the right words, or worrying about what tomorrow will bring, because he will come through for us. He is always there.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Realizing Fear

I know what fear is. I learned about it as a child growing up, it is a feeling you get when you are scared. It happens almost involuntarily. But I have recently learned more about fear,...

I now know that it (fear) has the ability to hold onto someone and it can be a distinctive game changer in someones life, with or without them realizing it. It is sometimes unrealized and we look right past it. Fear, is what makes us miss out on opportunities that life presents to us.

In my life there has always been a reoccurring feeling of fear. Not just the idea of  "this is spooky, I'm scared" kind of feeling, but the part of fear that comes with the trying of new things, and getting out of your comfort zone. The feeling that holds you back from doing what you want to do.

Just recently I have realised fear is present more often than I think. I was at a youth retreat and the speaker was talking about how we miss out on so many opportunities. He linked it all back to the story of Peter taking his eyes off Jesus while he was walking on water. He said that Peter may have been wrong to stop focusing on Jesus, but at least Peter took the first step. Peter got to experience something that the rest of the disciples in the boat did not get to, because they stayed in the boat.

So naturally I started thinking about this, and how it is with my life. When have I stayed in the boat? When have I missed out on opportunities because I was held back by fear? Well, the answer is, many times, more than I have realized, or can think of.

So I can stay thinking about all that I might have missed out already, but instead I am going to look forward. When I feel/sense that feeling that I am going to just sit back, or that I do not really want to do something, I ask myself, what am I possibly going to miss out on? Do I really want to miss an opportunity that life is handing me? Am I going to stay in the boat, or this time get out?