Saturday, 10 March 2012

Colourful fun

Do you remember when you were little and drew with pencil crayons, but then when it
broke, it was annyoing when you had to sharpen them and all the
shavings would make a big mess,... Today, I was sharpening my pencil crayons, but then I looked
at that "mess" in a different way. I saw them as a gift of colourful fun.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Everyday Gifts

During the day I use and see so many things in my life. So many of these items I use
 and then just keep on going on about my day. Here are some things that I have
 come to be so thankful for...

Apples... so delicious and nutritious


Mirrors... use them everyday

Socks... what would I ever do without them

Soap... we use it a lot


Pillows... they are where I can crawl up and feel comfortable in seconds

All of these items I see everyday, but if I stop and take a second I see that they are all little comforts to me. They are the little presents that I took for granted, but get rid of them and I would be sad. I thank God for these everyday gifts.