Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Memories, the act of retaining or reviving events, impressions, facts, previous experiences...

Today I was lying down on my couch and thinking about life, about the past the present
 and the future. I was thinking about my family, and my friends. As I would think
about something or someone my brain would give me a show, a devine recollection of
a past event, or maybe better put ...  

... a memory.

I was thinking about the people in my life, and then suddenly I am replaying what the past held. How we always used to sit at the end of the hall in our church on Sunday mornings, and we would talk until it was time for the service. I think about how we became friends, and how we made the bad parts of our freindship turn into something better. There were memories of homework marathons, and going to youth group.There are memories of camping trips, and campfires. I remembered how we would hangout, laugh, and joke with each other. How we would get together early in the morning and talk, and pray. There are memories of innocent card games turning into the some of most competitive times that I can remember. These memories were the babysteps to how these people have become so close to me and how they are now a very important part in my life.

There are somethings that you just can't forget, mind you I don't want to forget them, but that gives me the warm, peaceful feeling that even though it has happened in the past, I know that I can still think of it and replay parts of it, even if it doesn't have as much detail as when the event actually occured, but it is still better than only being about to experience things once. Today I could remember things that happened years ago, and how we have come to the present day.

So today I am thanking God for the amazing gift of memories, and being able to replay those events from the past. I thank God that he is so loving that he has given us the use of this astounding gift.

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